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    Making more thing BETER
    creativity is how You simplify thing..
    Impossible is a word for a loser...
  • Our way is to be The Unordinary
    extreme zone is limitless
    We stand on the dark side of IT!
  • Keep on developing... & never enough..

    Expanding Network Everyday

Mainframe IT is our base expertise

Computer Hardware & Extreme Tech

More than 14 Years experience in computer hardware & distribution, since 2000.

  • hardware & software troubleshooting
  • Extreme hardware modif & overclocking
  • Software & OS optimation tweak
  • Advanced Network and web security
  • Deep Ms OS skill since DOS to Win Azure
  • Deep Linux & Mac OS skill
  • BIOS modif & reverse engineer
  • webserver, webmaster, & SEO
  • Application & game development
  • Mobile OS

    Experience in modify mobile OS since palm OS & Windows Mobile to Android, IOS, & Windows Phone

  • Mobile Apps

    Develope mobile apps and games (Android, IOS, and Windows Phone)

  • Mobile Hardware

    Experiance in troubleshoot, fix, and modify mobile hardware

Experience in managing enterprise project

Network and single phase power expert

Create green power energy environment is our concern

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Experience in branding new product

from zero to hero

Take the lead from any other competitor in extremely fast time with an unordinary breakthrough

  • Lead an IT Store from zero to IT trand center in 6 month
  • Lots of experiance in IT Project Manager
  • Lead and heald many competition event
  • Lead and bring up more than 70 product branding and marketing
  • Mainframe IT
  • App Developement
  • Network & Enterprise
  • Product Distribution


Wahana Komputer is a component distribution company privately held and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company wad founded in the year 2000 by founder and current CEO Alex Hendra, who started this company at Harco Mangga Dua Computer Centre in Jakarta.

Started as a retail computer component shop we keep on pushing our way to develop more and creatively create varieties of way in doing our daily activities, this include participate in the overclocking community at that very moment while building our service based computer component business rapidly.

In the year 2009 we expanded our business to the distribution channel. The gateway was to become the distributor of J&W mainboard at that moment responsible for the whole Indonesia market.

From that standing point the business concept having a bit of merging to the focus on distribution, while at the same time service always stay at the top of our business behaviour. Later on and until now Raidmax brand tag along and then HIS products and Socomec UPS tight up with us in the striving of fulfilling Indonesia`s market needs of component and IT solution.

Wahana Komputer is a member of the Harco Mangga Dua Computer Centre and Indonesia Computer Association ( Apkomindo ). The other side of our business is green living way of translating business, we so believe in the right behaviour to participate ourselves in this global awareness of building a better environment for the future, we commit ourselves to the way of making this world a better place. Anything count as long as we start to have a green living lifestyle no matter how small it is. And there is no right time to start than it is now. do or do not there is no try.

Team Player

Work well in groups and teams, be cooperative and take a leadership role when appropriate.


Taking ownership of problems, always resourceful and able to creatively solve problems that will inevitably arise.


Truly believe to do the job, project a sense of calm and inspire confidence in others. Always have a courage to ask questions that need to be asked and to freely contribute ideas.

Strong Ethic

Truly believe to do the job, project a sense of calm and inspire confidence in others. Always have a courage to ask questions that need to be asked and to freely contribute ideas.

Time Management

Use the time on the job wisely, knowing how to prioritize tasks and work on a number of different projects at once.

Good Communication

Verbally articulate and a good listener, make case and express needs in a way that builds bridges with colleagues, customers and vendors.

Accept Criticism

Able to handle criticism, coach-able and open to learning and growing as a person and as a professional.


Able to adapt to new situations and challenges. Embrace change and be open to new ideas.

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LT.3 BLOK.A NO.155

  • OFFICE: Kompleks Ruko Bahan Bangunan Blok F4 No.27
    Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • info@wahana-online.com
  • +62.21.6126654